Meaulte France – September 6 1942

6 September 1942


327th Squadron

a/c B-17E 19026
all killed

Last seen approaching English coast on return. Apparently left formation. Five e/a in pursuit.

This loss, along with one from the 97th Bomb Group, were the first 8th AF bomber losses of war.


2 Lt. Leigh E. Stewart P
2 Lt. Robert I. Benedict C
2 Lt. Samuel J. Russell N
2 Lt. Frank J. Buck B
Sgt. Elmer P. Vollrath E
Sgt. Cecil R. Kendrick R
PFC William J. Angliss BT (possibly not a member of the crew)
Sgt. D.K. Smith W
Sgt. Lemoyne C. Early T



Airman Sqadron Position Status Pilot
Cpl. John E. Bungard 327 T K Capt. Frank G. Ward
Cpl. Hubert W. Crowell 327 W K Ward
Sgt. Robert C. Smith 327 BT W Ward
1 Lt. John F. Segrest 327 N W Ward